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  • Why Do My Pavers Need To Be Sealed?

    If you have invested in a paver patio or a driveway, you might find yourself asking the question: “should I seal my concrete paver?”

    There are many different benefits to sealing your concrete pavers, but it’s not always necessary. In order to decide whether or not to seal your concrete pavers, it’s essential to examine your expectations and how long you want them to last.
    Paver sealant is a great tool to keep paver driveways, patios, walkways, and pool decks, in mint condition, but it’s not always necessary. While it’s not a must-have, pavers that aren’t sealed typically grow weeds in the cracks, lose color over time, and can even have shifting caused by a lack of joint sand.

    Why Should I Seal My Pavers?
    While it is not necessary to seal your pavers, more often than not, it is what consumers choose because of a few different reasons. Aside from keeping your outdoor environment in pristine condition, there are four technical benefits to sealing your pavers. These four benefits include shielding the pavers from fading, enriching the colors, limits stains, and securing interlocking joint sand.

  • When Should Pavers Be Sealed?

    Depending on the manufacturer, this waiting period can range. Typically they suggest waiting at least 1 year to allow for the naturally-occurring efflorescence (a build-up that appears dusty in the stone) to come out of the paving stones. If your sealer is breathable, then you do not have to wait at all, and can seal your paver right after installment.

  • Why Clean My Pavers?

    A quality paver cleaning can knock out weeds and remove stains to restore the surface like new. At The Paver Doctor, we specialize in cleaning pavers and preparing them for sealing services. Our exclusive paver cleaning methods and products will give you the best results possible. From mold, ground-in dirt, oil, and irrigation rust stains, we soft-wash all surfaces, which means we can use less pressure to avoid damage to the surface. Our trained specialists are caring for your property and will pay attention to every detail.

  • Do You Repair Pavers

    Our paver repair services include lifting & relaying, replacing, redesigning, and complete removal of paving stones.

  • Will You Design A New Paver Layout?

    From walkways to pool decks, we will take care of all your installation needs. Our designers will work with you to create your ideal project from the very first brick to the final install.

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